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How To Create Magazine Cover For Your Baby

Yeah~ My baby is on Baby Face Magazine Cover. Haa…

This is something fun I try today for my baby. I feature her at a Baby Magazine!

See Jun Hui, she is the Cover Baby~

Also, 3 of us at My Child Parenting Magazine Cover.

Magazine CoverYou want to feature your baby at Magazine Cover too? This is just simple.

Simply create a free account at MagCover and you are ready with your own cover within minutes.


How to Bring Up Your Children Properly

Childhood years are the best times to learn. Somehow, a person’s comprehension is at its peak during childhood. Parents should take advantage of these learning years to ingrain the values of life in their children.

If you’re a parent, teach them positive habits so that they will know and see the beauty that life has to offer. Make them enthusiastic about life. Instill into their hearts and minds all the wonders and magnificence of being alive by living life to its fullest in a positive way.

There’s a startling difference between children learning through self-discovery, and children learning through self-discovery with proper guidance. The first things that children learn are usually the things that stay with them and mold formative years until they reach adulthood.

Let us suppose you let your children learn through self-discovery. To a certain extent, self-discovery is good since it develops full independence and self-reliance. However, the learning process might be slow. In a sense, it is like a trial and error experience for children. They have to segregate the good from the bad, the right from the wrong, what they like and what they don’t. It is most likely that what they will like are the ones that come easy to them or the ones that they enjoy the most. And the ones that they enjoy the most might not necessarily be the good ones. Without proper guidance, what they like and enjoy the most might actually be hurting them although they are not aware of it. Perhaps later, if they find out that they picked the wrong choices, it may be too late.

With self-discovery through proper guidance, you will be able to leave room for them to develop independence and self-reliance. At the same time, show them what is right and what is wrong. Explain to them why. If possible, cite instances or examples based on true-to-life events to make them more convincing and realistic. The more realistic they are, the more easily the children are convinced. Likewise, try teaching them in a friendly and humorous atmosphere. Children are more attentive and eager to learn when all (both teachers and students) are in an easy mood. You will know and feel their eagerness to learn through the sparkle in their eyes and by the way they answer your questions. You can be sure that what they learn from you is acceptable to them and will stay with them. That is why, as a parent, you must show enthusiasm in life to your children.

Bring up kids properly

There’s a third method of making children learn. That is through proper guidance leaving negligible room for self-discovery. But there are drawbacks. You take away from them the benefits of self-reliance and independence. The guidance you devote to them may be good and well intended, but they must not rely on you on almost everything they do. They become decision-dependent on you. There are instances wherein this type of guidance might be worse than giving no guidance at all.

There are parents who underwent hardships during their childhood, strived, and became successful financially. Although they are financially in the position to guide and assist their children to a better life, they prefer that their children undergo the same difficult experience they underwent during their younger years. Their reason: so that their children will value and experience the same things they went through. This may be applicable to stubborn and rebellious youngsters, but not to disciplined ones. Why must their sons and daughters repeat the same difficulties? There’s no reason to. This is like punishing the innocent. Instead of repeating the experience, they should learn from it. Life is too short to repeat unsavory experiences.

One of the best ways to broaden your children’s knowledge about life is by traveling. The world – its varied people, places, and cultures – has a lot of information to offer. It is perhaps as important as the conventional classroom. If you are financially able, traveling is one of the best educational experiences you can give your children. Look for exhibits or world fairs, and take your children there. Books are the next best things. It’s traveling by reading.

Fill your children with thoughts of self-importance, confidence, and positive attitude so that there will be no room for negative thinking. More importantly, fill their world with laughter, love, and understanding. You‘ll never go wrong.

Introducing Vemma Kidpreneur

Last Saturday I was having a Internet Marketing Training  for my business team members. And my little moon was following me together. She is the youngest student in the class and I believe she is the youngest to attend such an advance Internet Marketing course too. I have taken lots of photos and all have put under the photo album at Facebook Vemma Singapore Fan Page.

My little moon has booked her seat for the next training. Haa…

Here are few photos for sharing.


mompreneur and kidpreneur

Mompreneur and Kidpreneur

Vemma Kidpreneur

Vemma Kidpreneur

Let’s update you my little baby moon too. She is now 11 months and she likes to smile~~~

Little Baby Moonorder amoxil height=”224″ />

Little Baby Moon

Coolest Baby~~

Coolest Baby~~

Is she cute? Yeah~~ :D

My Gals Cute Photos

They are my Angels, but not all the time. Sometimes they are Devils too.. Haaa..

This is their CUTE moments, hereby share with you all. Especially the grandpa in Malaysia.

Definitely Not by me!! It's the Aunty!

Definitely Not by me!! It's the Aunty!

I don't understand why they like this kind of doll~ bought by the grandma

I don't understand why they like this kind of doll~ bought by the grandma

smart she?!

smart she?!

Just nice <a href=

This photo just looks nice ~ :)

This photo just looks nice ~ :)

Take long time to capture this...

Take long time

Sister & sister~~

Sister & sister~~

Potty Training Made Easy – Strategies That Really Work

Potty training can be a process of trial and error. It can be both exciting and quite frustrating. Rest assured, eventually your child will be potty trained. There are very few teenagers running around in diapers!

That being said, there are proven potty training strategies that have worked for parents over the years. Let’s take a look at a few of them to make the potty training process as easy and painless as possible.

1.  Wait until your child is ready for potty training before you begin. Many parents, undoubtedly excited to be done with the whole diaper thing, rush potty training. Good intentions aside, if a child isn’t mentally and physically ready to learn how to use a toilet, the potty training process is going to take much longer and be frustrating for the both of you.

Signs your child is ready to begin potty training include:

  • Frequent dry or clean diapers
  • Curiosity about the toilet
  • Communication regarding their potty habits – if a child tells you they just peed or they have to pee they’re ready for potty training.

2.  Make sure you have the right gear. There are a lot of potty training aids available. From small portable potty chairs to floating targets you can place in the toilet to help your little boy aim and enjoy the training process. Getting the gear before you begin training will help you and your child create a structure and a routine around potty training.

It also helps to have potty training friendly clothing. There’s nothing more frustrating than a child who tells you they have to go potty and then having them wet their pants because it took too long to get their clothing off. Slips on pants are the easiest and of course skirts and dresses make it easy for girls.

3.  Have a positive mindset. Mistakes will happen and children will make huge leaps forward only to then have really bad potty training days or weeks. Reward and celebrate successes and stay focused on having a positive attitude. Recrimination, punishment and yelling only makes a child feel bad about themselves, it doesn’t further the potty training process.

Know that it’s much easier for a child to be aware of their body during the daytime and nighttime accidents can happen well into elementary school. Be prepared. Protect your child’s pride and their belongings with a mattress pad, rules about drinking before bedtime and support and understanding.

The potty training process can take a while and each child’s experiences are different. Be patient, be positive and be prepared!