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Who is the coolest and cutest baby on the planet?

I believe in every parent’s eyes, the own kid is the coolest and cutest baby on the planet. Even he/she doesn’t really look handsome or pretty at the young ages, they are really cool and cute especially in parent’s heart. I’ve named my girl’s site Coolest Baby Moon because she didn’t like to smile or [...]


Children Learn More Than One Language

Should children learn more than one language in their young age? Can they cope with more than one language? If so, when is the good time to teach them the second language? What are the advantages or disadvantages to raise bilingual children? I have all these questions in my mind early when I was expecting [...]


Baby Moon first day to school

1st of April (April Fool) is Baby Moon’s first day to school! She is enrolled in Nursery 1. When the time I registered, I still thought she would be in playgroup, but the principal said even she is a year-end baby, she is considered 3 years old toddler. Once enrolled in school, it’s difficult to [...]