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Some Photo Sharing of Baby Moon

Today just want to post some photos of Baby Moon – Jun Ling and share with my  family and friends. Yeah~ I seldom update her photos as I’m too busy Guess her grandpa, aunties and uncles in Malaysia miss her a lot.. Hehe.. Enjoy yah! Ok, here’s the photos and let’s share again next time. [...]


Get BrillKids Little Reader For My Girl

I finally get the BrillKids Little Reader and let my girl tried the lessons last night. BrillKids Online Learning Program is introduced by a friend from Hong Kong and after I studied the site and the program, I find that the program is good for early learning. Yah, my Baby Moon is 3 years old [...]


Discount Voucher – Baby Can Read Before 1 Year Old

Do you know that our babies actually can read before 1 year old? I never know about this until I come across this site: Brillkids. They have good system to foster early learning. Also, they have lots of free stuffs and you may use their free trial! Click here – Another good news! I’ve [...]