About Us


Hi.. I’m Moon Loh (Mummy Moon), the mother of Baby Moon – Jun Ling & Jun Hui. This blog is about my life of motherhood and my Baby Moon. I will share things like their activities, foods, toys etc and all of you are welcome to be our friends.

I’m also a work at home mom in Internet Business.

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I started this blog in August 2008 when I first started to learn about Internet Marketing. I spent lots of time on this blog initially especially to deal with the free theme I like. This is how the original blog looks like:


I revamp this blog two years later in Sept 2010 and this is how it looks like now:


I hope to pass this blog to my daughters when they grow up. However, I really don’t know whether they like it or not. This is usually the case where the children would have their own thinking and normally don’t follow the parents’ arrangement.

Well, I will still keep this blog going on and hope you enjoy the blog!

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