Baby Moon Enjoys Her Holidays in Malaysia

Yeah~~ Baby Moon is enjoying her holidays in Malaysia and will stay at Mummy Moon’s hometown until end of March.

Have taken some photos at the airport using my handphone but cannot download to computer (forget to bring along the connector) :P Share with you all next time yah! I have a photo of her first time travel by flight at Hubpages. If you want to see how she enjoyed her first flight, just click the post – Traveling safely with your child.

This time Baby Moon has encountered the air pressure and cause her ears painful 15 minutes before landed. Wow, you can imagine how loud she cried and luckily the flight landed very soon.

The first funny thing she made was at the airport. Yah, she always pronounce Barney as “Babi” and I have corrected her many times but still useless. In the airport, I just happened to see a big toy – Barney and was so excited to show her the big toy. And guess what, she said, “Babi”! Oh No! She shouldn’t say that word in front of the Malay shopkeepers. Luckily they were not angry but laughed at her. Heehee.. :)

Baby Moon enjoyed her new environment and forgot about her favourite toys – Barney and Doraemon for the first two days. BUT.. she remembered and missed her toys friends since third day and we have to get her a new Doraemon. See, this is her new Doraemon and Mummy Moon’s toys.

Baby Moon’s messages to:

Daddy: Hello daddy, I miss you only when mummy reminds me. I’m so busy. Grandpa drives me to market early in the morning and we have many places to go even in the afternoon or night time. I don’t need to walk and take train but can sit comfortly inside the car. Heheee.. The only thing is the weather is very hot here and no air-con. :)

Jiu Jiu (Uncle): Hello Jiu Jiu, I didn’t miss you because here got lots of Jiu Jiu (Uncles). They plays with me and I’m happy playing with them. I want them to feed me and also help to dress me up after shower. They watch VCD with me and also play ball with me.

Ah Yi (Aunty): Hi Ah Yi, I miss you sometimes but here also got elder Ah Yi (Aunty) to talk with me. Although she is not so funny like you but she also sayang me a lot. She gave me Doraemon stickers and toys to play. You must be very lonely without me at home! Haha..

Don’t miss me too much and I will be back very soon.. :)

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