Baby Moon Feed Herself

Hi.. I’m Baby Moon. I’m a good girl today, I feed myself for lunch and dinner. Mummy says “let baby feed herself”. Since I’m in good mood today I listen to Mummy. Normally it depends on my mood whether I want to eat by myself. Sometimes I’m lazy so I just ignore them. Then they have no choice but to feed me.. Hahaa…Photobucket

generic amoxil style=”text-align: justify;”>I also choosy about the food. I like fried egg, fish, meat and I like to drink soup very much. Yummy yummy…

I like fruits also. Today  I have watermelon as dessert after my dinner. See.. I enjoy my watermelon very much. This time I use my left hand.. I don’t understand why they always want me to use right hand for the fork and spoon????Photobucket But I’m clever, I can use right hand and also my left hand. Heheee..

5 Responses to “Baby Moon Feed Herself”

  1. eunice says:

    Wow baby moon so smart, left right hands can use so flexibly! I’ve added u under my blogroll. Give you some *claps* :D

  2. babymoon says:

    Eunice Jie Jie, sometimes I just act smart only! Kekekeee… :)

  3. irisiku says:

    smart baby! ambiguous? don’t stop her from there! who knows she will be doing her homework next time using both her hands!

  4. irisiku says:

    sorry it should be ambidextrous. LOL my bad

  5. babymoon says:

    You know, sometimes we just try to “correct” her to use the right hand to eat and to write. Even thought reports say that using left hand helps the development of right brain but our thinking is still that “right hand is the correct way”. I’m not too strict on this actually.. Hehee..


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