Baby Moon Get Sick

Baby Moon was sick for the last few days. She get flu and cough and we brought her to see the doctor on the first day she was not feeling well. Of course like other babies, she doesn’t like to take medicine also. She struggled and cried loudly when medicine time. We have no choice but to firmly grasp her because she has strong strength to fight with us.

Normally baby will easily get fever if not taking good care and not drink enough water when get sick. Baby Moon’s temperature was not stable during past few days. Luckily she herself drunk lot of water and her grandma cooked her barley juice also. She get well very fast and recovered in three days time, now she is a healthy baby again.

2 Responses to “Baby Moon Get Sick”

  1. Pookie says:

    Sorry to hear that Baby Moon was sick, and glad to hear that she is better now. Hope she doesn’t get sick again anytime soon!

  2. babymoon says:

    Hi Pookie,
    Thanks for your concern. Actually Baby Moon seldom get sick and this time might due to the bad weather. =)

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