Babymoon Travelling Information Guides

I’m Mummy Moon and my daughter I named her my little Baby Moon. Babymoon Travelling Information Guides is not a travelling guides that I named under my daughter. In fact, “babymoon” has a wonderful meaning which I only found out one month ago.

Babymoon – a vacation taken by couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together. The main objective for Babymoon Travelling is to let parents have a relaxing and enjoyabe time while awaiting for the newborn.

Babymoon Travelling – Travel during pregnancy

According to a recent travel industry survey, 59% of new parents have taken a babymoon and more than two million babymoons are taken by U.S. parents-to-be each year. I believe that in Asia we also have babymoon travelling, just that the term “babymoon” is not so familiar to us. Many of my friends have travelled overseas or have a small trip locally relax themselves and spent quality times with their partners before the babies arrives. These are also the babymoon travelling.

Since babymoon has special meaning, I’ve decided to write a book on Babymoon Travelling. I’m about to finish writing the book, but to provide good valuable information to those who wishes to travel a babymoon holidays, I seek your help to share your knowledge, ideas as well as experiences you think should be in my book.

Enjoy the video – The baby in the video is my Baby Moon =)

I will send you a FREE COPY for your participation and valuable time to make this a complete and meaningful ebook.

The logo is my lovely Baby Moon =)


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