Barney & Friends – Baby Moon Favourite Show

Baby Moon likes to watch Barney & Friends recently. This is my favourite show. Uncle Hiok bought me 2 VCDs and Uncle Soon bought me 1 VCD. So now I have 3 Barney & Friends show. Barney the dinosour is in purple colour. When they sing songs I also sing, when they dance I also dance. Sometimes daddy and mummy accompany me with the Barney & Friends.

Barney & Friends is a 1992 children’s television show produced in the United States aimed at preschool children.

One day daddy asked me to kiss him while watching the Barney show. He promised to buy me the Barney if I kiss him. So you guess what I did? Hahaa… I kiss him few times.. See.. The next day I had my Barney & Friends.. My Barney is small in size but he can sing “I love you”! I was so happy!

Now is my time to watch Barney & Friends again.. Bye Bye..


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