Brushing Tips for Toddlers

Baby teeth is the first or primary set of a child’s teeth and it is as important as the permanent adult teeth. Toddlers primary teeth often begin to appear when they are 6 to 9 months old and help them chew and speak. Baby teeth are composed of a total of 20 individual teeth and these teeth are divided equally between the upper and lower arches.

Many children whose mouths are ravaged by dental disease and parents should have some dental healthcare knowledge to avoid the development of dental disease in children.

Pediatric dentist said that dirty teeth is the primary reason for dental disease in young children. The main culprit is dirty teeth but not the juice, candy or nightime bottle such as milk. That is the bacteria grow on the surface of the baby teeth cause all the dental disease. And the bacteria naturally exist in the mouth that turns sugars into acids that then eat holes in the tooth enamel. The bacterial plaque begins to colonize and grow upon from the moment that the baby teeth first enter the infant’s mouth and usually when they are around six month old.

The very simple way to avoid the development of dental disease in children is to thoroughly cleaned their teeth twice a day that is morning and night. This task must be performed with or without your child’s permission or cooperation. If you find difficult to brush your toddler’s teeth, you could use some creative techniques such as songs or story or toys to make this job easier for you and your child.

Tips to get start
- Sit yourself down and with your child’s back towards you.
- Place your child between your legs.
- Have your child’s lower body in a control position by placing your legs around her.
- To prevent your toddler’s head from moving, place her head between your torso and your arm.
- Pick up a soft wet toothbrush and if your child is too young, no toothpaste is necessary.
- Use the heel of the brush, slid the brush between the lips and alongside the cheek.
- Turn brush and very quickly go back and forth, gently scrubbing the teeth and gums.
- You could sing, laugh or do something to divert your child’s attention if she is crying.
- The brushing is not more than one minute and you should remember that you are doing a good thing for your child.

Here are some suggestions to keep your baby’s teeth healthy.
- You should start brush your baby’s teeth as soon as his first tooth erupts. Start with a damp washcloth and brush his teeth twice a day.
- Buy your baby a toothbrush and toothpaste that designed for babies. Start to brush their teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste once he is a year old.
- Bring your baby for dentist by the first birthday and make sure they have regular checkups every twice yearly.
- Juices that contain lots of sugar can lead to decay. You should avoid too much juice for your baby.
- Try don’t give your baby a bottle once he has reached 1 year old. Teach them use a cup for drinking.

Baby Moon enjoys this video a lot. Haha…

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