Customize Photos For Kids at Image Chef

I try to create Photo Frames for Baby Moon’s photo using Image Chef. This is another FREE website that allow us to have fun with our photos or kids photos. There are lots of custom templates for us to choose from and we are able to customize our own sketchpad, poetry blender or photo frames.

Below are some customize photos. :)

Are those photos cute? Go create your own and have fun with it! :)

2 Responses to “Customize Photos For Kids at Image Chef”

  1. Wen Rong says:

    hi there been long since i came by and those are nice pictures

  2. babymoon says:

    Hi Wen Rong,

    How are you doing? Nice to see you here again! Just a little update for you. Will bring my gal back to M’sia for holidays for the whole March and she will be in nursery in April. Start her “school” life~ Hee.. :)

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