Discount Voucher – Baby Can Read Before 1 Year Old

Do you know that our babies actually can read before 1 year old? I never know about this until I come across this site: Brillkids. They have good system to foster early learning.

Also, they have lots of free stuffs and you may use their free trial!

Click here –

Another good news! I’ve get discount voucher from them and especially to share with you! If you want the voucher, just fill up the form below, you will get 10 free Ebooks and the Voucher. If you already subscribe to it earlier, don’t worry, just check your email, I have sent out the voucher to you. ;)

Get 10 Ebooks + BrillKids Voucher NOW! (It’s valid from 1st Sept to 30th July 2010)

Hope you enjoy! :)

3 Responses to “Discount Voucher – Baby Can Read Before 1 Year Old”

  1. leles says:

    not sure about babies can read…i believe it more to babies ability to recognize + memorizing the words…..babies can pick up words quickly smarty….so at the first level i guess babies just recognize n memorizing the words which is good….a great start for them to learn how to read….as they learn more words they learn the phonics way eventually which will lead them to read….so brillkids n other product out there such as YBCR, MonkiSee…..etc is good…..just dont push the baby to do this as a must do task….they got a long way to go anyway….anywwys good luck

  2. Michele says:

    Can you please send me the ebooks and the voucher?

  3. Mummy Moon says:

    Hi Michele, the voucher is expired :)

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