Get BrillKids Little Reader For My Girl

I finally get the BrillKids Little Reader and let my girl tried the lessons last night. BrillKids Online Learning Program is introduced by a friend from Hong Kong and after I studied the site and the program, I find that the program is good for early learning. Yah, my Baby Moon is 3 years old and no longer a “baby” but I don’t think she knows all the basic simple words in the program. I should have know about early education earlier before she was born! Anyway, now is not too late. I get the Little Reader and I believe she is going to benefit from the learning and I’m going to implement for my newborn too! *I’m going to give birth soon :) *

Baby Moon is concentrating on the learning

Baby Moon is concentrating on

Learning New Words! *Wave*

Learning New Word! *Wave*

Ok, Times Up! She feels tired! Haa..

Ok, Times Up! She feels tired! Haa..

Stop to let your kids learn when they feel tired or lost concentration. Learning is the same as playing. Don’t let them feel that learning is difficult. As parents, we should let them feel that learning is always fun!

Oh.. Little Reader is user friendly.. Capture a screenshot for you to take a look!

I’ve get the discount voucher from BrillKids to share with my friends here so that you can get a good rate for this program to your kids too! If you yet to get the discount voucher from me, get from me now. If you already have the voucher, just go their site to find out more and of course you can always use their free trial! I’m sure your baby love it too! :)

Get 10 Ebooks + BrillKids Voucher NOW! (It’s valid from 1st Sept to 30th Nov 2009)

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8 Responses to “Get BrillKids Little Reader For My Girl”

  1. Val says:

    Hi my gal is 3+ too and I have been encouraging her to read , much in vain. She doesn’t seem to love books. I intent to go for the free trial first.

  2. Val says:

    ops…is intend, not intent…guess my eyes tired haha

  3. babymoon says:

    Hi Val,

    My friend in education line shares with me that we should not force kids to read and should not treat reading or studying a “task” or “must do thing”. Force them to do something is not viable and in fact, we should let them enjoy reading and let reading or studying become one of their game or toy.

    The advice is useful and I try to let my girl enjoy reading, drawing, studying like how she enjoys her toys and games. She might not be able to concentrate in one thing too long, just let them be. 5 mins of reading or studying per day is enough, persistent is more important. :)

    Yah.. get the free trial! Don’t force your kids to “learn”, treat it like a “computer game” is more relax for both of you. My experience.. Hehe.. ;)

  4. Val says:

    Oh she loves computer games, those online…Barney, thomas and friends and she knows how to get to my favourite folder to open the websites.
    We will usually read stories before bedtime, that is the only time when she wants a book..LOL

  5. babymoon says:

    Hey Val, she is so clever know how to open your favourite folder?! Haa.. I didn’t let my gal touch my laptop coz too many important files inside. Hehe..
    Bed time story is good too, but we didn’t have this habit.
    I think my gal quite likes the books coz she will take the books to read or write and draw by herself. Sometimes will tell me she wants to read books too.
    One way to draw her interest is to buy different types of books for her or bring her to Popular and let her choose by herself. :)

  6. dminor says:


    I stumbled across your blog. I want to purchase Little Reader and Little Maths for my 2 year old but am unable to do so. Did you have trouble purchasing it via paypal? I get an error message after i click check out. It says We are unable to verify your debit/credit card. And I have plenty of cash in my card. Also I’ve followed every step given (according to paypal) to get my card linked. :(

    Do you know where I can get customer support on this matter?

    Thanks so much.

  7. babymoon says:

    Hi Dminor,

    In this case, you can check with paypal or your bank.
    Thanks for reading my blog and hope you enjoy! :)

  8. leles says:

    hi….i got my 14 days free trial 3 days ago….my 11 yrs old baby n my 3 yrs girl seem to be not interested in this little readers program….i ask if she wants to do the little readers but she refuse….my girls seem to be more interested in books…n other kits such as flash cards where they could touch n play with it rather than watching the screen…so this program didnt work for my kids….so i guess i got to find other programs thats is catchy to them….anywys good for u that ur lil girl loved it…

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