How To Take Care of Baby Teeth

We started to take care of Baby Moon’s gum since she was a newborn. We always clean her mouth even before her teeth come in. It is always important when comes to baby’s new teeth and make sure our baby’s new teeth get the best care. The first set of baby teeth is essential and shouldn’t be ignore because by taking the good care would benefit their future permanent teeth. My Baby Moon’s started to have her first teeth when she was nine months old.

Tips for your baby tooth care

Wipe your baby’s gums off after each feeding - There are some soft rubbery devices available in the market and these devices help to rub off excess food inside your baby’s mouth. However, you can also use the wet and warm washcloth wrapped around your finger and wipe your baby’s gums. We use this method to clean Baby Moon’s gum after each feeding.

Baby’s first teeth is important – Actually the baby’s first teeth preserce the spacing for the permanent ones and help baby chew and talk. Some parents think that this baby set of teeth will only be around for a short time and they might change teeth again when they grow older. Therefore they overlook this and don’t take good care of their baby’s first set of teeth. This might lead to a gum infection and hence affect the spacing of permanent teeth.

Cavities – Discoloration and minor pitting are the first signs of cavities in baby teeth. Always remove the bottle when notice that your baby is no longer feeding. The main reason for causing cavities is you put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice and leave it for long periods.

Give her water after meals – This is a good practice and the main purpose is to wash off baby’s teeth. I practice this and make it a good habit and we also bought Baby Moon a toothbrush as a toy. We let her get use of the toothbrush and having it in her mouth. We also educate her the importance of taking good care of our teeth and show her when we brush teeth day and night time. We teach her to wash her mouth after each meals too.

Use nonfluoride toothpaste – There are lots of nonfluoride toothpaste in the market and you can choose from different flavour suc as grape, strawberry for your infant. It is good to start using nonfluoride toothpaste when you toddler reaches her age 2. Becareful don’t let your kids swallow the toothpaste.

Regulate baby’s fluoride intake – Fluoride is important for preventing tooth decay. Our children need protein, vitamins and minerals to build strong teeth and to resist tooth decay and gum disease. It is good to seek doctor’s advise the good time for your kids to use fluoride toothpaste.

Remember to bring your kids for dental exam and make this a good habit for your child. Your baby should have her full set of 20 primary teeth by age 3 and her permanent teeth won’t begin to replace them until she is 6 years old. You can start to bring your child for dental exam at age 3 and continue to visit dental half a year or once a year.

Baby Moon’s first tooth brush

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