How you get Christian and Chinese Baby Names?

Every parent is excited when think of getting the christian or chinese name for their new born baby. Nowadays chinese will also get a christian name for the new born baby too. However, there is much difference in getting a christian and chinese name.

Every christian name has its meaning and some names are very popular and frequently been chosen for the babies. Parents can choose the name based on the meaning and pronunciation together with the surname.

For chinese parents, to get a chinese name for the baby is more complicated. The fortune and destiny of a person is closely related to the chinese name. The strokes of a chinese character also have the own meanings that will affect the luck of a person. Most of the parents will choose the name for the baby and also let the feng shui master to decide whether the name is suitable for their new born baby based on the date and time of the baby born.

Some people might think that chinese are more superstitious. In the parents point of view, they are in the good intention and very much care about the destiny and fortune of their baby. Therefore most chinese parents will try to get a good name for the baby.

My Baby Moon’s chinese name is Jun Ling and I hope the name will bring her good destiny and luck in her whole life.

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  1. Jun Ling sounds nice. I wasn’t aware that Chinese names were chosen by a feng shui master, was just interested in learning a bit more about how they pick names?

  2. Jun Ling sounds nice. What does it mean? I wanted to know if the feng shui master verifies that the parents choice of name is okay or do they actually select a name for the child?

  3. babymoon says:

    Hi.. Thanks for dropping by..
    Most of the Chinese parents will let the feng shui master to verify the choice of the parents. Of course some modern Chinese parents don’t believe that.
    Normally the way is like this.. the parents will choose few good names for the baby and after the baby born, they get the feng shui master to choose the most suitable name based on the birth date and time and also the stroke of the Chinese character.
    Stroke of the Chinese character also involved lots of knowledge. Just give you one example, Chinese words with 7 stroke means clever, intelligent.
    Feng Shui master will also select the most appropriate name for the baby if the parent’s choice is not suitable.
    There are lots of issue that I couldn’t explain in details here. Maybe I should write another post and share more.. =)
    I also visited your website and you share lots of information there. =)

  4. Babynme says:

    We were also having a tough time with our baby’s name as well. We have decided that the baby’s name first initial should start with `R’ if he is a son as mine starts with an `R’ and `C’ if she is a girl. We got a baby boy, so we chose the name `Ryan’ as his Christian name which means `Little King’ or `Little emperor’. Believe me, he is truly the little king now at home. His chinese name is Ern Jieh. This in line with my first son with my ex. His Christian name is Reuben which in Hebrew meant `Behold a son’ while his chinese name is `Wei Jieh’

  5. babymoon says:

    Hi Rodney,
    I’ve read your comment and the sentence “this in line with my first son with my ex” for more than 5 minutes. Now I think I understand what you mean. Haa.. sorry.
    Baby name is the most difficult one. That time I sufted net a lot try to choose a “sound good” christian name for my Baby Moon but after many tried I gave up. I decided to let her choose her own when grows up.
    Of course Ryan is a good name with a good meaning “little king”. However, I hope your son won’t find this name too common. Haa.. This is also a little problem..
    Ryan’s chinese name also nice “Ern Jieh”. You went for feng shui master when choosing this name? Sorry if you find me too superstitious.. Haa..

  6. dan says:

    As we can’t read Chinese we asked a friend to help with our kid’s name. We decided on Yen Ling (somewhat safe sounding) which means grace & joy. So far we’ve not seen the grace appear but she is full of joy! Her Christian name is Nicole which is Greek for victorious people. I can say that she hates losing.

  7. babymoon says:

    Dan, Nicole Yen Ling sounds good! My Baby Moon is Jun Ling but I don’t know whether they share the same chinese word for Ling. =)
    Actually I consider “Nicole” before, it’s not too common and I always remember Nicole Kidman when ppl mention Nicole.. Haa..
    Nicole hates losing.. wow.. must be a little queen at home! =)

  8. Babynme says:

    No lar. Didn’t go for feng shui thingy. Was also following after my Reuben’s chinese name. His was WEI JIEH. So we named Ryan, ERN JIEH lor, although at first we were thinking of naming him WEI ERN but it sounded a little too girlish for me.

  9. J.W.TANG says:

    Dear Baby moon,

    i want to know, what chinese name will be following for my child. he’s born on 20 of august 2009. his christian name’s STEVE MAXWELL. kindly please provides.

    thanks & best rgds,


  10. babymoon says:

    Hi J.W.Tang,

    Haa.. I didn’t provide names for baby and for my own kids, I also checked dictionary for words I feel nice and in good meaning. :)

  11. Really chinese names are very complicated.

  12. yrkraju says:

    can any one sujjest good fengshui name for my baby girl. she is born on 23.11.2009 at 9.32am in hyd, india. please send ur answers to thanq

  13. Jack Smith says:

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  15. Zoe Ali says:

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  16. Nathan Lee says:

    baby care is a very delicate task but i really love taking care of my baby.”.

  17. Bulgaria says:

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  18. Jeanny says:

    Dear Baby moon,

    i want to know, what chinese name will be following for my child. he’s born on 30 of january 2002. his christian name’s CHRISTOPHER NATHANAEL. kindly please provides.

    thanks & best rgds,

    Jeanny Ceng

  19. Phoebe says:

    hi,i wish to name my baby boy’s name with the meaning of “god has listened my prayer”. Do u have any suggestion name of it? Thank u so much!

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