I Let My Baby Take Elken Spirulina

Some of you might know what is Elken spirulina but in case you never hear about it, let me share more about Elken Spirulina.

What is Elken Spirulina? Elken Spirulina is a highly nutritious health food which is an excellent source of 5 major nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Vitamins and Minerals) and 4 natural pigments (Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, Xanthopyll and Phycocyanin). This highly alkaline seaweed can be readily digested and easily assimilated by the human body. It is an ideal food supplement for achieving vital health and energy.

I started to consume Elken Spirulina since year 2001 and during my pregnancy in year 2006, I continued to consume and I double up the tablets taken compare to my normal days. I truly believe the nutritional values of Elken Spirulina could deliver me a healthy baby.

The Nutritional Values of Elken Spirulina

  • Nutritional value is 14 times higher than cow’s milk
  • Excellent source of quick supply of glucose to the blood
  • Contains over 13 types of vitamins and is the richest vegetative source of B12 in the world
  • Excellent source of minerals (more than 13 types of minerals)
  • Contains 4 types of natural pigments including beta carotene
  • Contains all the 8 essential amino acids
  • Complete in nutritional value that it is used as food for astronauts.

I also let my Baby Moon take Elken Spirulina because it is not a medicine but a nutritious health food. It is recognised a safe and nutritious food source by:

  • UN Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO)
  • World Health Organisation
  • Certified free of microcystins (Health Canada)

The reasons of me to choose ELKEN Spirulina are:

  • Over 12 types of vitamins, over 12 types of minerals, 4 natural pigments, 8 essential amino acids & 100% alkaline content
  • Top-grade spirulina produced by World’s first pure clean cultivation pool
  • Manufacturing process designed by Prof. Keiun Kodo results in 100% pure spirulina
  • Produced by ISO 9001:2000 & GMP plant certified by National Pharmaceutical Council Bureau

Professor Keiun Kodo (The Expert in Spirulina) – Spirulina rich and balanced nutrients are perfect for the development of brain cells. It is a well-known source of nutrients for children and adults for the development and maintenance of brain cells.

I always feel safe to let my Baby Moon take Elken Spirulina and many of my friends do so, they let their baby take Elken Spirulina too.

My Baby Moon loves to take Spirulina and she would request more if I just give her 1 tablet. 1 tablet is just too little for her and everyday she likes to have 3 tablets.

My observation after Baby Moon takes spirulina:

  • Have good appetite and consume lots of food
  • Not easy to get sick when stay with sick family member
  • Always full of energy and active
  • Fast response (boost brain functions)
  • Faster recover time when get sick (enhances Immune System)

Updated in August 2010

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  1. mummy moon says:

    Get to know more after read your Elken spirulina post. I have a tag for you, and this is my first time doing it : http://beemoon80.blogspot.com/2008/10/pink-sisterhood.html

  2. babymoon says:

    hi mummy moon,
    thanks for being here and also the tag. =)

  3. eunice says:

    hello Moon! Thanks for baby moon photo hehehe! I posted it up already. ;)

    Oh yeah, kindly “stumble” ieatmushroom.com for me. Thanks!

  4. babymoon says:

    No problem eunice! I’ve shown your website to my best friends in Msia and she likes your website. I think you got a very good idea! Will support you! :)

  5. teng84cg says:

    Hi mummy moon,

    I would like to let my bb try this Elken spirulina as it is good as you mentioned.Do you know what price for the spirulina of 3000tablets…. :- )

  6. babymoon says:

    Hi teng,

    yah, the Elken Spirulina is very good for health. I’ve taken for many years even when I was pregnant (I took more). So, my gal is consuming since inside my womb. Now I let her takes 3 tablets each day and she seldom get sick. :)

    I don’t have the price list for the spirulina, you may refer to their website and go to your nearest branch to get it. :)


  7. teng84cg says:

    Ok thanks!

  8. kimkoon says:

    Hi Teng84cg and babymoon,

    I can get distributor price from Elken for you. Do let me know if you interested, I can order for you.
    My wife and baby boy also consume Elken product , like Dr Xeniji, Spirulina, Elken RO water system. Elken products really benefits my family.
    Please email : kimkoon88@yahoo.com.sg

  9. babymoon says:

    Yah Teng84cg,
    you may contact Kim Koon to get the distributor price as the price is really cheaper. The Elken products like Kim Koon mentioned above are really good and I also recommend to my friends. Some other products also good but too many and I think he is not able to list out all here. :)

  10. hazel says:

    i must say Elken spirulina is the best. Gave it to my baby boy since he was 6 mths old..he is 3 years old now. yeah it’s true..my boy does not fall sick easily..great energy level..great appetite. Now i increased his intake to 5 tablets a day…and myself to 20 tablets a day.. especially with H1N1 virus spreading like crazy…researcher said that spirulina can inhibits H1N1 virus..do visit my blog to read the article.
    http://www.elken-online-store.blogspot.com and http://www.goodness-of-spirulina.blogspot.com

    see ya!!

  11. babymoon says:

    Hi Hazel,

    You are right, spirulina is good for both baby and adult. Even for pregnant women. I have taken lots of spirulina during pregnancy and we see the effect. :)

  12. azurasid says:

    hi, im 10weeks pregnant.

    i was soo interested in taking elken spirulina. but is it safe for me and my baby since this is my first time taking spirulina?

  13. babymoon says:

    Hi Azurasid,

    Since you never take spirulina before and also now you are pregnant, I suggest you start with small amount, for eg. 2 tablets to 5 tablets per day. For some people who just start to consume, they might have reaction, but this is normal. Like us we already taken spirulina long time before pregnant, we can take 10 to 20 tablets during pregnancy.

    Spirulina is good for both you and your baby’s health, and it’s safe. Just remember, start with small amount since you are first timer. :)


  14. kimkoon says:

    Hi Azurasid,

    My son,Lucas who is going to 3 years next Feb ,has been taking Elken spirulina when he is two years old. Same like Baby Moon, he love it so much, that he keep remind me to give him before his nap in the evening. I usually give him 4 tablets per nite.My wife and I take about 10 tablets per day

    My wife consume folic acid and spirulina during her pregnancy. link about benefit of folic acid :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6XZu_VTf2A

    Elken RO water system also benefit your family and your new born baby. To know more , feel free to contact me to share with you and your hubby, no obligation. Just wanted to share things that benefit on health.

    If you want to order Elken Spirulina at distributor price , feel free to contact me at email: kimkoon88@yahoo.com.sg. Can pass you at Sengkang mrt area.

  15. Tracy says:

    Hi, i have mixed advised given by different people. some say spirulina is good for pregnancy but my dr advised against it esp during the firt trimester. I hope you can help help me with some of the question burning inside me :)

    1) did you start taking spirulina from day one since you have know you are pregnant, and continue taking it throughout the whole trimester?
    2) If yes, how many tablet do you take in total daily?

    thanx :)

  16. babymoon says:

    Hi Tracy,

    I consume Spirulina long before I pregnant and hence my body can accept well with Spirulina. I took spirulina since day 1 of pregnancy and increase the tablets after my first trimester up to around 10 tablets per day.

    If you are very new to spirulina, my advice is to take few tablets per day and observe from there. And if you are not so sure, follow doctor’s advice is good. :)

  17. Tracy says:

    Hi babymoon,

    Thnx for your reply. actually i have been taking elken spirulina 9 mths before i got pregnant. I am currently 6 week in my pregnancy. I take 10 tablet 3 x a day (total 30 tablet since b4 pregnant till pregnant)

    why i m worried is because, most dr advised me not to take it esp in the early first 12 week of pregnancy as that is when the baby is developing its major organ. However two of my friend who took it during pregnancy actually encourage me to continue taking it… that is why i am very confused.

    thanx for you advise anyway :)

  18. babymoon says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Since you are taking spirulina before your pregnancy, then should be no problem with that. :) Maybe just reduce the tablets during your first 12 weeks.

    We keep in touch! Just try to add you from facebook. :)

  19. Tracy says:

    sure no prob :)

    Maybe i am just paranoid, hopefully all wil turn out well

  20. jude says:

    hi babymoon,

    my parents just started taking elken spirulina 3000tablets for $297, i’m doubting it’s reliability for the steep price. is it the right price? and i check the online, it has proven that spirulina actually is a nutirent that is had to decompose.


  21. babymoon says:

    Hi Jude,

    I didn’t have the price lists with me now and maybe you can check with the stockist or the Elken magazine. Elken spirulina is good and my family is the consumer since 10 yrs ago. :)

  22. honeybunny says:

    i am 31 yrs old and planning to get pregnant..my friend advised me to consume elken spirulina. i did a few research for it as my big concern is that mom-to-be have to have enough folic acid to avoid any unforeseen circumstances during their pregnancy..i decided to take it as my regular supplement and as a new user,i took about 5-10 tablets daily..i strongly recommended elken spirulina to all..

  23. B.Meera says:

    Hi Zura, I had a fibroid two months ago .I took Elken Spirullina 30Pcs per day, after two weeks i check my fibroid is getting smaller n another two weeks later my fibroid dissappear completely. This is really great.Thanks to Elken Spirulina.

  24. Najiha says:

    I would like to let my bb try this Elken spirulina as it is good as you mentioned.My bb now 15 months old.
    i was soo interested in taking elken spirulina but now i’m pregnant..it’s ok for me to take spirulina?

  25. babymoon says:

    I took Elken Spirulina during my pregnancy. For me, it is safe. However, you may want to consult doctor first. :)

  26. Flo says:

    How much is the Elken Spirulina tablet? Is there any way I can at distribute price??

  27. Candy says:

    Hi. Can i know how many tablets my baby need to consume right now? she is 9 months old and never try spirulina before. I feel like let her try it.
    And i should blend it and mix into her food/milk?
    Kindly advise. Thanks

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