I’m the Youngest Blogger In Singapore

Hello Everybody! I’m Baby Moon and my mummy Moon tells me I’m THE YOUNGEST BLOGGER IN SINGAPORE! I don’t understand but she says the word end with EST is good. So I believe her but I remember she told me don’t be the naughtiEST in the house. Now..  I confusePhotobucketEST is good or bad.

Mummy tells me she wants to give me a gift in her birthday Photobucket and this blog is the gift for me. But then this is a gift for me or for herself??? Anyway, I just take it lorrrr cos I always got no say Photobucketand what adults decided is the final decision!

I ask mummy why I’m the coolestbabymoon.com, she said because babymoon.com and mybabymoon.com are taken and uncle teddy helps to come out this coolestbabymoon.com. See.. they are adults, they never ask me what I want and they decided for me again! Well.. I’m cool! I just accept it because I think Photobucket it’s not a bad name anyway.

I want to make friends with uncles, aunties, koko, jiejie and also babies.. Please talk to me and share life with me Photobucket so that I’m not too bored while my daddy and mummy are away for work. They have no much time for me because they say they need to work.

I believe my mummy Moon for this time (she said I can make friends here) and if you want to talk to me, you can leave messages here. My mummy Moon will tell me what you are sharing with me. If you want to see my prettiest photoplease go to I’m Baby Moon.


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