Introducing Vemma Kidpreneur

Last Saturday I was having a Internet Marketing Training  for my business team members. And my little moon was following me together. She is the youngest student in the class and I believe she is the youngest to attend such an advance Internet Marketing course too. I have taken lots of photos and all have put under the photo album at Facebook Vemma Singapore Fan Page.

My little moon has booked her seat for the next training. Haa…

Here are few photos for sharing.


mompreneur and kidpreneur

Mompreneur and Kidpreneur

Vemma Kidpreneur

Vemma Kidpreneur

Let’s update you my little baby moon too. She is now 11 months and she likes to smile~~~

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Little Baby Moon

Coolest Baby~~

Coolest Baby~~

Is she cute? Yeah~~ :D

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