Is Baby Diapers An Important Issue?

There are many types of baby diapers in the market and also flooded with different brands of baby diapers. So, do you know which types and which brand of baby diapers is suitable for your baby? Basically there are two types of diapers which are cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers – more environmental friendly and less expensive. It is softer and washable. We had used cloth diapers for Baby Moon initially and we save some money since cloth diapers can be reused. However, you know how many diaper changing that require in a day? The fact is a newborn urinates as many as 20 times a day and it’s important to change the newborn’s diaper every few hours to keep her dry and clean for the first few months. Sooner we found that we need time to wash the cloth diapers and we would like to have a more convenient choice.

Disposable diapers – It is more convenient and the disposables come with built-in plastic liners that can protect our bedding and clothing. For convenient and hygience purposes, we then use  the disposable diapers for Baby Moon. Nowadays many moms are using disposables when traveling.

What to take note when changing your baby’s diaper?
Diaper rash – The diaper rash is a rash or irritation on the skin that touches the wet area of the diaper. Many babies encounter the problem of diaper rash. My Baby Moon too. We have used the diaper cream for the diaper rash and sometimes we apply the medicine powder for cooling purposes. We have also tried to get the disposable diapers that allow better air circulate inside the diaper. Another way to prevent diaper rash is changing your baby’s diaper as frequently as possible. Do consult your family doctor if the rash is very serious and make your baby very uncomfortable.

Urine – I also check my Baby Moon’s urine when diaper changing. This is for baby’s health concern. Normally baby’s urine is light to dark yellow in colour. If your baby is drinking more liquid, the colour might be lighter. If you see blood in your baby’s urine, it is abnormal and you should immediately bring your child to the doctor and check whether there is any problem with your baby’s health.

Bowel Movements – Normally your baby’s stools are determined by whether you baby is breastfed or formula fed. If your baby is formula fed, his stools will be more tan or yellow in colour. During the first two days of life, your newborn’s first bowel movement was dark green or black in colour. Your baby’s stools change from day to day and is more depending on what is your baby’s diet.

You know Terramycin Online without prescription how to change baby’s diapers?
The diaper duty is important and your baby needs to be changed at least three times a day before he or she is toilet trained. There are three basic things you need to get ready for diaper changing – a clean diaper (cloth or disposable), diaper rash cream and a small basin with lukewarm water and a washcloth.

If you have a special designed changing table for your baby diaper changing, please make sure that you have everything you need within your reach. It is dangerous if you leave your baby alone for a second on the changing table and think that he is safe with protective edges. Your baby might turn over and fall from the table!
I always change my Baby moon on the floor with a comfortable padding and this is to reduce the rish of a fall of Baby Moon.

Steps of diaper changing

  • Remove your baby’s dirty diaper
  • Use a washcloth and lukewarm water to gently clean the diaper area
  • If discover your baby has diaper rash, apply the diaper rash cream
  • Lift your baby’s lower body by the ankles and slide the new diaper underneath (newborn is fragile, be gently)
  • Pull the remainder of the diaper up over baby’s tummy
  • Attach the diaper at the sides

Practice make perfect! Enjoy your diaper changing with your baby because this is a good chance for your bonding too. The basic fundamentals of baby care like diaper changing is a must know information especially for first time mothers.

2 Responses to “Is Baby Diapers An Important Issue?”

  1. sharon (^.^) says:

    visiting baby moon’s blog! :)

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hey mommy moon, just to clear some fact that even with cloth diapers (the modern type not lampin), if you want a last longer between change of diapers and a stay dry experience with newborn, you can always doubled the insert with cloth diaper and put a fleece liner on top of the diapers, so much easy and convenient as well.

    I agree disposable is convenient but think of the chemical that stick on boy’s bum just not right. (If you ever saw the jelly that stick on yr girl’s bum, that is the chemical.) Especially new born who has sensitive and delicate skin are highly recommend to use cloth then diaposal. With cloth diaper, my boy rarely had any rashes experience. And what my main purpose is to save $$. :)

    Anyway, about your ebook, I will see if I can help you in anything. But I never travel far with wawa. Will see ya. =)

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