Is Your Baby Cry At Night?

Many parents encounter the problem of baby crying at night and this could make the parents life a suffer. During early months of your baby’s life, your baby sleeps when he is tired and it’s really that simple! However, why baby cries at night? As parents, we always need to understand that our newborn has very tiny tummy and their diet is liquid and it digests quickly. compare to formula. Therefore it’s not realistic for a newborn to sleep through the night till morning without feeding.  Newborns need to be fed every two to four hours and even during night time. When the baby is full, you can do little to wake him up when he is sleeping soundly.

We should also learn how to read our baby’s signal. Babies make many sleeping sounds, from grunts to whimpers to outright cries, and these noises don’t always signal of awakening. As a mother, we need to focus our instincts and intuition. When baby is making sleeping noises, they are easily fall back asleep and it’s a tip that you need to know.

After you have learned how to differentiate your baby’s sleeping noise and hungry sounds, you must react fast to her hungry noise.  You need to feed her quickly if she is awake and hungry because if you are not react fast and let her cry escalate, she will wake herself up totally. On the other hand, she will most likely go back to sleep quickly if she wad fed fast enough. It’s often easier and take shorter for her to go back to sleep after fed.

There is a good idea to help your baby differentiate the day naps and night sleep so that they could sleep longer during night time. When it is her day time nap, you might put her in the environment with some noises and the room is not totally dark and quiet. But during night sleep, the environment should be more comfortable and need to be dark and quiet. You can also change her into sleeping pajamas at night to signal the difference between the two.

Develop a sleeping pattern is important. Put our baby down to sleep as soon as she seems tired. When she is tired and she couldn’t get to sleep environment, she will cry to show her tiredness. And also when we fix a sleeping time for the baby, she is easier to predict the sleeping pattern and sooner they will follow the pattern and tend to get more quality sleep throughout the night.

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