Let’s Be Friends

PhotobucketBabyMoon like to make friends and if you want to make friends with me, email me at babymoon@moonloh.com

Tell me your name, age and some description of yourself. I will ask my mummy Moon to put it here. ok!Photobucket

Hi! My name is Lum Xuan Quan and my daddy is Patrick Lum. I’m the best looking boy in my daddy’s heart.

Hello all.. I’m daddy Tian Chee & mummy Pueh Wen’s baby boy and my name is Yun Kai. I’m new born baby in September 2008 and I have the same birthday with my mummy. I’m cute right?! Hehe..

Hi everyone, my name Eieo . I am the little prince of my proud dad, Rainier, and mom, Myraine. I was born last August 14. Visit my mom’s site at http://realitiesandrealizations.blogspot.com

I’m Raphael, a new born baby on 25th September. Since I’m a new born baby, I sleep a lot. But my daddy Paul always disturbs me when I sleep. I have lots of photos at daddy’s blog Musturd Seed. Come visit me yah!

Hi, we are Chantelle and Landric Pharaoh Maximilian Pharaoh is our little youngest brother. We all have very unique names and this is the good ideas of daddy Adrian and Mummy Irene. Read the story on how they get us the special names at the blog. =)

hello! ! ! I am Brandon “fruit of love” of my mama jan & papa kerk first product. heheh… I am going to be a brother soon when my younger sister leave her first foot prints on earth in Jan 09!!! C’com! To know more about me, click here at www.babies-kerk.blogspot.com and drop me a liner at my mummy’s email if you want to be my friend too!

Name : Baber Wong
Age : 3 yr 2 months (Nov 2008)
Gender : Handsome Boy
Interests : Anything fun
Network of Friends : Anything from 0 to 100!!
Character : Fun loving, irritating at times
Strengths : Play
Weakness : Play too much
Add me as your friend! We can play!

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