New Baby and Children Clothes

When I was a new born baby, my grandparents said it’s good to wear other babies old clothes and they are manage to get me those old baby clothes from relatives. Of course my daddy and mummy also bought me some new clothes but they said I grow very fast. Those baby clothes soon couldn’t be wore.

Recently mummy bought me new clothes again when she travelled to Taiwan. She said the children clothes at Taiwan night market are very cheap and the quality is quite good.

Daddy also bought me children clothes when he had business trip in US. He said is cheaper for the same brand sold in Singapore and the quality is good.

I don’t know how to differentiate the quality of clothes but if I were not comfortable with the cloth I will request to change it. Sometimes I will also choose the design of the clothes.

Now is my fashion show time!


7 Responses to “New Baby and Children Clothes”

  1. Wenrong says:

    training since young to become a model eh? nice!

  2. babymoon says:

    Hi Wenrong, so nice to see you here! I never train her to become a model.. I just want her to become HERSELF! Haa..


  3. aerobroken says:

    True future model here… Nice blog.. BTW..

  4. babymoon says:

    Hi Aerobroken,
    Thanks a lot! Just visited your blog.. You have nice blog too =)

  5. baby clothes are nice and cute, we used to shop baby clothes last year for a friend–.

  6. Edward Young says:

    i love to buy baby clothes for both my baby and my sister’s baby*.:

  7. my baby is allergic so i always use hypoallergenic fabric for my baby clothes’-~

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