New Born Baby – Yun Kai

Yun Kai is a new born baby boy. He is Uncle Tian Chee and Aunty Pueh Wen’s baby boy. They are both my Mummy Moon’s best friends. Now Yun Kai is my friend too. Mummy Moon said will bring me to meet Yun Kai when we back to mummy’s hometown and I want to play with him.
See, he is so cute.. 

I will share with him my favourite Barney too.  Mummy Moon wants me to bring Yun Kai Barney VCDs so that he can enjoy too. But now he is too small to watch the show.


Mummy Moon also told me that Yun Kai and Aunty Pueh Wen birthday in the same day! Wah.. So lucky! Uncle Tian Chee must be very happy and next time he can celebrate once for both of them together!
I’m looking forward to meet Yun Kai and I have make friend with him.

This is me, Baby Moon See, I was just the size of the puppy! Now I grow up!

3 Responses to “New Born Baby – Yun Kai”

  1. Aswani says:

    Baby are really cute. Your blog is also very cute..keep it up.

  2. eunice says:

    baby moon in cocoon! so cute!! at first i thought u tied two buns and then realised they were the eyes of the kitty pillow! auntie old liao eye sight no good! XD

  3. babymoon says:

    Hi Aswani,
    Thanks for your comment and welcome back anytime. =)

    Baby Moon is very little gal when new born. For the first month, Baby Moon in cocoon all the time. Hehee..

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