New Friend – Raphael

Baby Moon has a new baby friend again. His name is Raphael and he is in Malaysia. The meaning of the name Raphael is God Has Healed. Think the daddy, Paul has choosen a good name for his baby son.

Raphael was born in 25th of September 2008. Wow.. Raphael still a new born baby and not celebrate his full month yet. His daddy, Paul has posted lots of cute cute Raphael photos at his blog @ Mustard Seed. Those cute photos include sleeping positions of Raphael, eating and disturbing by daddy etc. A very special one is bathing time (naked) haaa.. Paul dare to put the naked photo there without censor.. Will Raphael shy when read about this post in the near future?

Paul and Raphael (The little Raphael so tiny and adorable!)

2 Responses to “New Friend – Raphael”

  1. Paul says:

    I think Raphael also will be happy to meet a new friend – Baby Moon :)

    Hmm… btw, thank you for remind me that I better to censor the naked photo. Else when Raphael grow up, I think he will beat me… LOL

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