New Parents Cannot Get Enough Sleep

New parents always have one common problem, that’s they couldn’t get enough sleep and not have quality sleeping time especially the newborn is crying in the middle of the night.

When I was a new mother, my mom helped to take care of Baby Moon and I could get very good sleep during the night. However, when I myself to take care of Baby Moon, I found that I hardly get good night’s sleep. I need to wake up in the middle of the night for nurse or bottle feed. I would also wake up to check on her temperature and breathing regularly. Sometimes my Baby Moon would have sleep noise and it would wake me up too.

I hereby get some tips and ideas so that new parents to get the sleep you need.
- Catch your rest when your baby sleep. Quickly get your sleep when your baby sleep and forget about your laundry, dishes in the kitchen sink and other house chores.
- Let your relatives or friends take care and play with your baby while you get some needed rest.
- Get your baby to sleep on her own bed after she is breastfeeding and sleep soundless. You may reclaim your bed and get some good sleep.
- Discuss and share the night time duties with your partner. Take turn to feed the baby if she is bottle feed.
- Wake up only when you know that your baby is hungry or uncomfortable. Sometimes your baby may make sleeping noise and it’s very tired for you to wake up every time she make the sleeping noise.
- If you really feel tired with not enough rest, don’t hesitate to seek for help. You could always seek help from your partner, friends or relatives to help you while you recharge your energy.

The following strategies are good to help your baby sleep better and you could have better sleep too.
- Avoid coffee or tea if you are breastfeeding, the caffeine may get your baby a boost of stimulant through your milk and becomes restless.
- Encourage his longer sleep by offer a feed before you go to bed. Don’t wake him up because he will suck in his sleep.
- Teach your baby the difference between day and night. Keep him in night time sleeping environment by keeping the lights low and attending to him quietly during night feeds.
- Introduce him bedtime routines. Your baby will wind down and become conditioned to fall asleep when the time is fixed for him to sleep every night.
- Some baby music has remarkable soothing effects for your baby to sleep well.

Importance of Baby’s Sleep
- Aid the development and function of growth, immune system, learning and memory, health of cardiovascular system and hormonal function such as insulin resistance.
- It also assists in brain development, proper learning and social adjustment.
- Lack of good night time sleep may be attributed to the “absence of consistent bedtime routine”.

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It’s also very common when you couldn’t fall asleep anytime and anywhere. Just try to think how you well you sleep before you have your newborn and get the sleeping environment as comfortable as you could. It’s very important you get your rest and good sleep to maintain your energy for your baby.

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