New Piano Set For Baby Moon

Baby Moon just get her new piano set from her uncle Ah Hiok. It is a pink colour piano set and it comes with a small stool.

I don’t know how to play piano and therefore I don’t know how to teach Baby Moon. Just want to show Baby Moon some songs, I ask my friend to teach me and give me some piano composition. Of course, those are the simplest songs and I manage to play it.

I’m wondering piano lessons help in child development and therefore I do some search. I found a post that listed the Lessons May Be Critical To Your Child’s Success. Basically there are six main reasons and here’s the Points inside the post:

1. Piano lessons may help your child develop thinking skills
2. Piano lessons help with focus and concentration
3. Piano lessons help to build confidence
4. Piano lessons help your child overcome shyness
5. Piano lessons help to develop memorization skills
6. Piano lessons can be a lifelong asset to your child

Also, I found the 33 Tips for becoming a great piano player!

“There are at least 33 elements that contribute to becoming a good pianist,” says Duane Shinn, pianist and owner of Keyboard Workshop in Medford, Oregon. “There are probably more, but without these 33 principles a pianist cannot hope to rise to the level of his ability.”

Here are the few elements and if you would like to read all the 33 elements, you could go to their page – 33 Tips For Becoming a Great Piano Player!

  1. Hand & Body Position — Should you look down at your hands? How to use “eye flips”
  2. The key to productive practice — Spaced repetition
  3. Attitude — how it affects your learning
  4. How & when to pedal. Using explosive dynamics
  5. Exposure: why it’s critically important

This is just a piano set for Baby Moon and I’m still not sure whether will send her for piano lessons in future. :)

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  1. Piano Expert says:

    Super article

    I know how learning piano can be. My brother is a really good piano player, and myself I am making my way as professional .

    I recommend to anyone who’s thinking of starting to playing piano to read a book or two on this topic, as there so many mistakes and blunders that are possible to make when you first start. And keep playing each and everyday!

    Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

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