No Message for Baby Moon

Mummy Moon tells me no body leave Baby Moon messagePhotobucket but I have some koko (brothers) and jie jie (sisters) visit me. She says I can see pictures of koko and jie jie from the sidebar. Hmm.. I saw some pictures there and mummy also tells me that some visitors from Malaysia and some from other countries.Photobucket

Gong Gong (Grandpa) also visits my blog here. Gong Gong stays in Malaysia and he seldom see me. Now he can see me here and I’m happy too!Photobucket I must ask mummy to post more of my photos here so Gong Gong and Aunty Konnee can see what’s my activities everyday.Photobucket

Today Uncle Hiok also email mummy lots of my pictures taken at Ah Ma (Grandma) house. Mummy tells me she will post it here after she sorts the photos.

See, I sit in front of the laptop that use to post the blog. Besides me is another Baby Moon.. Haha.. that’s the mirror lahhhh… I try to say hello to everybody… mfowhrgaywgbfaganuegb

Sorry.. I can’t type well.. Anyway, mummy says it’s late and I should go to bed.. Good night and see you..


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