Photos of My Newborn-Little Baby Moon

Finally, some photos sharing of my newborn – Little Baby Moon Jun Hui. :)

Hihi.. I'm Jun Hui, the little Baby Moon...

Hihi.. I'm

Jie Jie sayang Mei Mei~~

Jie Jie (Elder Sis) sayang Mei Mei (Younger Sis)~~



Bottle feed the baby

Jie Jie (Elder Sis) bottle feed the baby

I sleep most of the time.. Zzzz...

I sleep most of the time.. Zzzz...

I'm awake for milk~~ I want milk~~

I'm awake for milk~~ I want milk~~

Little Baby Moon sleeps most of the time, so most of her photos show her sleeping face.

Will share more photos again yah.. :)

28 Responses to “Photos of My Newborn-Little Baby Moon”

  1. jasz says:

    Awww.. Those pics of Jie Jie sayang & feed Mei Mei are so sweet.

  2. pauline s says:

    congrats Moon for your new baby! i also have 2 girls!

  3. Joanne says:

    Hi Moon.

    U’ve taught ur daughter well, she is such great helper feeding and carrying Jun Hui : )

    Enjoy ur confinement and time with your two lovely gals : )


  4. Vie says:

    Involve cie2x to take care the baby will create a bonding between siblings. Little girl loves to pretend to be a mummy with the doll toy. Now, she can experience herself how to be a mummy…he..he..

  5. Amas says:

    Hi Moon! Your little prince is very lovely :)

  6. babymoon says:

    @Jasz: Hehe.. yah, my elder sayang her mei mei a lot.. :)

    @Pauline: How’s Anney and Werney? Hope you all are doing well and will drop your site by to “visit” them again. ;)

    @Joanne: Hey, how are you? Confinement is not “enjoyable” :( Hehe..

    @Vie: She sayang her mei mei, but she draws our attention by crying easily.. sigh~

    @Amas: Hihi.. baby changes very fast, next month you’ll see them look differently. :)

  7. Jess says:

    so sweet of jie jie…
    wah.. ur little princess sleeps most times.. that’s great!!!
    take care. :)

  8. Katherine says:

    Hi Moon, congrats!!! Baby Moon is so cute…:)

  9. babymoon says:

    Hi Jess,
    First month mah, so sleep a lot :)

    Hi Katherine,
    Thanks yah~~ :)

  10. Hi Moon and the NEW Baby,

    Congratulations ! Baby Moon is so cute :-)

  11. Gin says:

    Congrats! =)

  12. Jean says:

    Congratulations to you, happy n fortunate mum! I also like your website, its very informative.

  13. isabelle says:

    Hi Moon,congrat to you!!Baby looks so cute..Really envy have the urge for another one baby belle!! =)

  14. Nayana says:

    Hi Moon,

    So cute plumpy plumpy baby…

    Miss Universe from birth…

    Ok now want to see mom also so send me your pics too dear…

    caring for u so want to seeu too…

    Missing u


  15. Elaine says:

    That’s the difference between jie jie and gor gor. my son basically ignore mei mei for the first month. yr daughter is so different. even knows how to feed mei mei…heehee…conclude that jie jie is more loving. ;p

  16. Elsie says:

    Hi Moon, congrats on ur newborn baby moon.

    take care~

  17. wendy says:

    congrats Moon…such sweet moments. :)

  18. Janisia says:

    Congratulations to your newborn! Both of your gals certainly bring loads of joy!

  19. babymoon says:

    Hey, thanks all for drop by and the comments & wishes~
    Will share more photos again.. :)

  20. Footyman says:

    Congrats!! and take care!

  21. Eunice says:

    Hi Moon! Here I’m to congratulate u!!! Wow what a lovely baby! And .. er.. got to search for the name of jiejie cos used to just calling her baby moon but now you have got two baby moon! hehe .. Moon Jiejie is getting prettier too! :D


  22. babymoon says:

    Hey Eunice,

    Moon Jie Jie is JunLing
    Moon Mei Mei is JunHui


  23. Wen Rong says:

    hey there! long time no see! congratz on your newborn she looks cute

  24. babymoon says:

    Hi Wen Rong,
    Glad to see you here! Hope you are doing well all the time. Will catch up with you at facebook! :)

  25. mummy moon says:

    Hi long time no visit you, congratulations !

  26. babymoon says:

    Hi Mummy Moon, thanks lah! ;) Will drop by your site see how’s your kids doing.. Hehe..

  27. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! She looks very contented. Great blog by the way – keep up the good work!

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