Potty Training for Baby Moon

My girl is 3 yrs old this year and I think is time to potty train her. All the while she is using Mamy Poko Pants and if you aware of the price, you should know that this brand of pants type diaper is more expensive. We have tried to change another type or brand for her but she couldn’t get use to it and the more serious problem is the diaper rashes by other brands. We have no choice but to stick to this diaper pants.

I have tried to potty train her few months ago and she kept on refuse me when I told her to pee herself. She said “don’t want! don’t want!” and I guess this is the word she most fluent with. Haha.. And during that time I thought maybe it’s too early and she is not ready yet, so I hold the idea back.

Recently I try to speak to her about learning to go toilet by herself. She seems not so rejected and I think I should start to potty train her. I’ve done some researches about potty train and I get some good information which I would like to share with you in case you need to potty train your kids too.

Here’s the good potty training tips that I read about:

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2) Advice on when to potty train your toddler, getting started, tips for successful potty training with boys and girls and common potty training problems.
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I believe there will sure have some funny things happen during the potty train. I just hope that she won’t pee on the sofa or on the bed sheet. Haa.. :)

This is BabyMoon’s potty. I bought it when she was still a newborn.. :)

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  1. I had a hard time with my son. We tried and tried and offered him every bribe in the book. In the end it was just when he was ready. A few weeks shy of his 3rd birthday was the point that he just decided to do it. There was no way around just being patient!

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