Small Announcement from Mummy Moon

To all the visitors of my Baby Moon: -

Hi all.. thanks for visiting my Baby Moon and she is happy with your visit. One of my friend informs me that she can’t post the comment for my Baby Moon and only then I realised that there is some technical problems for those want to leave comment.

I feel bad and without delay, I rectify the problem and now you all can feel free to leave my Baby Moon messages. I’m sure she will be happy to get those messages and I will read her what you all write about.

Thanks once again and hope to see you all come back again for Baby Moon’s daily activities.

p/s: Eunice, thanks for inform me about that! Appreciated! =)

3 Responses to “Small Announcement from Mummy Moon”

  1. Moon Loh says:

    Hi Baby.. Mummy Moon here.. Mummy feels sorry for not realised the technical problem for posting comments here.. Now Mummy has rectified the problem and hope Mummy could read you the comments or messages very soon.. =)

  2. eunice says:

    Hello Baby Moon! You are so cute and smart!! I want to make friend with you!! =D

  3. babymoon says:

    Hi Aunice Jie Jie..
    I want to be ur little friend too.. Hehe.. Mummy shows me your photo and you are beautiful jie jie.. Come see me more often ok! Hehee..

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