Unique Baby Names Idea With Real Story

Choosing a unique baby’s name can be very emotional experience. The most important thing to remember is to love the name. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

1. Always consider the last name of the baby. The combination of first and last name is important and when put the two names together should produce a nice combination.

2. Make your baby’s name a balance. If the last name is in longer lengths, then you might consider the shorter first name or vice versa.

3. Unique babynames always a great thing. However, try to think the possibility of trouble that the unique names might bring to your children when they getting older.

4. Avoid name like “Sweetie” or “Honey” because they are not suitable in a lifetime job and it will affect the baby’s entire life.

5. There are research that odd babynames bring negative effect towards baby’s life and they are teased more and less socialized.

6. Too common babynames would make your children more likely to be unknown throughout life. Or it can be a blessing too. Think twice when choosing a common name for your baby.

7. Avoid names that are obvious for teasing when your children is schooling. Schoolmates will always try to make nickname for others just for fun.

8. The meaning of baby name is important to your child in the future. Maybe the meaning is not important for you at this moment, but it does mean something for your baby when they grow up.

9. Don’t rush when choosing baby names. Take your time to get a good name and go for second best many affect you and your child for a lifetime. Always keep searching until you find a name that you are 100% happy with.

10. No need to name your baby before birth. When you see through your baby’s eyes, you will know which name is the best for him/her.

If you have two babynames and couldn’t decide which to choose, try to see if the two names can be combined. Let me share with you a very real story of the combination of two baby names.

My friend Irene has very special names for her three lovely kids and I think I must share with you all how special are the names of her children.
Eldest daughter – Chantelle Lee (Lee Ning Xue)
Second son – Landric Pharaoh Lee (Lee Kai Jie)
Little son – Maximillian Pharaoh Lee (Lee Rui Jie)

Their names are very long tail and special right? Well, let me share with you the story of getting the names for the three kids.

Chantelle Lee – Mummy Irene always likes the name of Chantel and she found out from a baby’s name book that associate names can be Chantelle, Chantal etc. And finally she chose Chantelle because it is a less common name in Singapore and more widely used in Western countries. In Asia, Chantel is more common used. So, she chose special name Chantelle for her princess.

Landric Pharaoh Lee – You must wonder how is the name from and why it sounds so special right? Haaa.. exactly like what I think when I first came to her son’s name. Well, the story is Irene found Landric in a baby’s name book too and the meaning is “A Powerful Ruler”! Wow.. And they decided to add a 2nd name to it also. Since Mummy Irene always have interest in ancient Egypt, so she chose “Pharaoh” – the king of Egypt.

Maximilian Pharaoh Lee – The little prince of Mummy Irene. His name is Maximilian Pharaoh and the name was inspired from Austria. The family of Irene were on a Europe / UK trip this Chinese New Year which included Austria. That time Mummy Irene was about 6 to 7 months pregnant, knowing it’s a boy. When they were at Austria, the tour guide told them the story of ancient Austria and a famous king named Maximilian. That inspired them to give their youngest son this name.

Very special right?! And the family of Irene even think of to adopt “Pharaoh” in their names for the rest of family members and so serious that thinking of getting a lawyer to add “Pharaoh” in addition to their name.

How you think of their names? Is this a good and special idea for you to get a name for your baby too? =)

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    Hi Moon,

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  2. babymoon says:

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  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Moon. Nice story on names. My baby’s name is Marin, which is Latin for ‘the sea”.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

  4. babymoon says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Glad to see you here! Marin is special, people in my country seldom use this name. “The sea”.. so I guess you love the sea.. :)

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