What Are The Benefits of Preschool

Baby Moon is going to nursery next month and she is no longer a baby but a 3 years old toddler. All the while I have been seriously thought about the necessity of enrolling her in preschool. It seems to me that society is rushing children into adulthood these days. So, before I enrolled her into nursery, I did some researches and found that there are some benefits of preschool.

Benefits of Preschool
Children who go to effective preschool are:

  • More likely to become good readers in elementary school. Preschool gets kids ready to read.
  • Less likely to be placed in special education or held back a grade. Preschool gets kids ready to learn.
  • More likely to graduate from high school and attend college.
  • Less likely to need public assistance as adults.

The Benefits of Preschool When Starting Kindergarten
Also, there are many benefits for your child if he goes to preschool before starting kindergarten. Below a few of them are discussed in further detail to give you a good idea of why preschool can help your child prepare for kindergarten.

Social Skills
Sending your child to preschool really helps him develop social skills. It might not seem like a big deal, but once your child is in kindergarten and interacting with other kids all day long it will become evident why social skills are so important. Enrolling your child in preschool, even if it is two or three days a week, will allow your child to make friends, learn how to share, learn to follow directions, and become a social butterfly. This is not to say that kids who dont go to preschool wont be able to socialize well in kindergarten, just that kids who go to preschool already know how to socialize when the arrive in kindergarten.

Basic Knowledge
A good way to prepare your child for kindergarten is through preschool. Most preschools teach the basics like the alphabet, numbers, colors, days of the week, and more. If your child has these basics when he enters kindergarten then he will have more confidence and be able to learn faster. This is really important and your child is the one who will benefit. Kids who don’t go to preschool will still learn in kindergarten, its just that their learning curve wont be as accelerated as those children who attended preschool.

No Separation Anxiety
Another benefit of children who attend preschool is that they get over their separation anxiety earlier or at least reduce it significantly. If your child is accustomed to being with you all day long every day and you just all of a sudden drop him off at school for an entire day he may have some serious crying and tantrum fits and a big case of separation anxiety. However, if your child attends preschool and gradually learns that when you drop him off that you will return he will understand he is not being abandoned and can have fun at school.

Well, by reading the above benefits and advantages of preschool, I have finally decided to enrol Baby Moon to a half day nursery. Full day nursery is too long hours for my Baby Moon and for me. I would like to have more time with her and not only the few hours left at night.

I believe next week is going to be a new chapter and new environment for Baby Moon and I’m going to experience something new too – Her first day in nursery! :)

5 Responses to “What Are The Benefits of Preschool”

  1. Rose says:

    My gal is also going to be 3 next month. She started her pre school early this year and so far she has been doing well in school. Thanks for giving me more confidence and that my decision in sending her to preschool this year is correct. :)

  2. babymoon says:

    That’s good to hear that your gal is doing well in school. You give me confidence too. ;)
    Tomorrow is my gal’s first day~ Excited! Hahaa..

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s very informative.
    I too was worried about sending my eldest son to pre-school. I thought it not a necessity and it was too soon.. But in the end I did after seeing what they teach in pre-school. I never regretted. Infact, it’s good as Aiden is more confident and he is at ease in kindergarten now. So no worries.. I think your daughter will enjoy all the song and games that they do at pre-school. She’ll probable fit in in no time…Only Mommy will have to get used to not having her arouns all day ;-)

  4. babymoon says:

    Hi Ultracoolmama,

    Yeah.. I really had that worries before sent her to nursery, but same like you, I never regret. All the lessons she learns from school make her happy and she didn’t watch so much tv at home like last time.. :)

    I have changed her from half day to full day starting from May and I believe she will enjoy more with her teachers and friends there.

    Of course, mommy will miss her! :)

  5. Gaunt says:

    My gal is also going to be 3 next month. She started her pre school early this year and so far she has been doing well in school. Thanks for giving me more confidence and that my decision in sending her to preschool this year is correct. :)

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