What Are Your Kids Activities?

Most of the mothers encounter the same question, that’s “what are the activities for kids?” I’m a working mother and I’m sure you know that my time with my Baby Moon is so limited and precious. I need to take care of my work during day time and only night time I have my time with kid. Normally I will do some activities with her, like accompany her with her toys, watch together her favourite show and we both do some reading. This is the main activities I can think of and normally this is our activities. During weekend, the days with Baby Moon is longer, we can have some outings but not every weekend we bring kid out. Me and my hubby might need to have a good rest after the long week working days. Again, I have to think the activities with my baby at home.

I have these questions in my mind: -

  1. I repeat the same activities with my kid, she easily get bored with the activities.
  2. Which characters are appropriate for my Baby Moon?
  3. Where are the inexpensive places I can bring my toddler to?
  4. What are the right activities I should have with my kid?
  5. What is the good movies are good for her to watch?

I can feel that you have same questions in your mind right?!

My problems solved when I come to this wonderful mother of five – Barb. She is a full time mother and she shares her experience on how to entertain the kids. Every mother wants to be a great mother and teaching the child everything they need to know about life and the proper ways to live it. Her 101 Ways How to Entertain Your Toddler is awesome and she gave me so many ideas of ways to spend special and fun time with Baby Moon.

You probaby need to spend few minutes to take a look at this “101 Ways How to Entertain Your Toddler” if you are a mother!

How if you are a father? Yah.. You too have to take a look what are the secret techniques of this wonderful mother of five.

Click here to see Barb’s – 101 Ways How to Entertain Your Toddler

Hope you enjoy and we both start having fun with our child today!

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