What Do I Do About My Child’s Fever?

I still remember on the 1st Jan 2008, my Baby Moon had high fever at >38 degrees and the fever last for the whole week. We were very nervous and at the beginning we thought that she was teething. Many people told us that normally baby teething does cause fever. We brought her for doctor but after 2 days her temperature still very high. And for the second time we consulted our family doctor, he suggested to bring Baby Moon for blood and urine test if she still has fever after two days time. We were very anxious and prayed every moment for her sickness.

For children, high fever might cause brain damage and sometimes cause fits if fever to go beyond 39 degrees for too long. The sixth day of her fever we brought her to hospital for blood and urine test. She cried painful and we were very pity of her. Other than took good care of her,  we actually had nothing much to do but patiently waited for the test result.

Cheap Cialis Professional Online Without Prescription justify;”>The test result was released two days later and guesses what, Baby Moon is fine and nothing wrong with her health. That means the reason of her fever was unknown. Doctor could only give her antibiotics for medicine.

You can imagine how our feelings under this situation. Luckily her temperature was slowly back to normal after the whole week of high fever. And the reason of her high fever is still a mystery until today.

Here are some tips when your child has a fever

  • Give panadol syrup and use as directed on the bottle.
  • Sponge your child with the wet towel or cloth.
  • Give the child plenty of cool, clear liquids to drink.
  • Dress your child very lightly.
  • Bring for doctor

Important points to take note

  • Teething does not cause fever.
  • Do not wrap the child with a blanket.
  • Follow the advice of doctor, if necessary a blood test may need to be done in prolonged fevers.

I was sick but I still enjoyed my sweet corn.


6 Responses to “What Do I Do About My Child’s Fever?”

  1. irisiku says:

    Hmm, her fever is really very mysterious. The longest fever run my son had was 3 days. His body feels feverish but he is still very active.

  2. babymoon says:

    Welcome Irisiku,
    We still don’t have the answer for her 1 week high fever during that time. She was very active for the first few days but later she felt very weak..
    I believe you always take good care of your son but sometimes we just don’t really know the real reason of their fever. =)

  3. nobe says:

    really? teething does not cause fever?

    gosh, i really thought it did. i’d have to ask our doctor about it. thanks. :)




  4. babymoon says:

    Hi Nobe,
    Thanks for dropping by.. Your son is so cute and adorable!
    Yah.. I’ve asked my family doctor and also other doctors about this question and they answered me firmly that “teething does not cause fever”. Even I searched online and found the blog of doctor, the information still the same!
    But for my case, my Baby Moon fever for the reason of “unknown” ?!
    You can ask your doctor for more precise information and share with me.. =)

  5. Babynme says:

    Interesting facts. Baby Ryan had experienced light fever only once so far after his injection. I am sure somehow, someday in the future, we would have to experience it. Gosh.!! I’m sweating already….

  6. babymoon says:

    Don’t worry too much! This is the way you and Baby Ryan grow up together! Haa..

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