When To Feed My Baby Solid Foods?

If you are unsure which is the right time to start your baby’s solid foods, it’s usually recommended that you start a baby on solid foods between 4-6 months. You can start with an iron fortified rice cereal then slowly introduce your baby vegetable or fruit when he is 5 or 6 months old.

Why you should wait until your baby is at least 4 months?

- Digestion system is immature. Your baby’s digestion system is still immature for the solid foods before 4 months. He does not have a lot of saliva to help digest food although he can suck very well before he reaches 4 months. Given solid foods too early may cause problems with your baby’s immature kidneys.

- Throat muscles are not developed enough. Your baby is not developmentally ready to eat solid foods and his throat muscles are not developed enough to swallow solid foods. Only until he is about 4 months old, he is able to use his tongue to transfer food from the front to the back of his mouth.

- To young to let you know he has had enough of solid food. Your baby is inability to let you know he is enough of solid food before 4 months old. Therefore some people consider feeding solid foods to a too young baby is a method of force feeding.

- Your milk production may be decreased if you are breastfeeding and give your baby solid foods too early.

There is no definite guidelines on how much solid food to give your toddler. You can start to offer more if your baby gives you signs that she is still hungry or not satisfied. For example, she might gobble down that tablespoon of porridge and seems to eat more, then you should give another tablespoon or two. If she isn’t ready for more, she would turns away from the baby spoon and this time she has already full and lost interest.

Start to introduce by 3-4 tablespoons per meal and by the time your baby is about 7-8 months, you should have 3 regular meals during the day.

There are some guidelines to help ease your baby’s transition to solid foods:
- Start your solid foods when your baby is showing signs of being ready and can eat from a spoon and normally is sometime between 4-6 months.
- The first solid food that your baby should eat is iron fortified rice cereal.
- Before, after, or at a separate time from formula or breastfeeding is the best time to feed your baby solids.
- Only introduce new ingredient food every 3-4 days time to easily detect food allergies. If you find that your baby allergies to the food, you could stop feeding her the ingredient.
- Always begin with a teaspoon and then go to a tablespoon as your baby gets the hang of eating solid foods.
- Other than rice cereal, you could slowly introduce her vegetables, fruits and meats.
- Don’t stop on the iron fortified cereal as it is a good source of iron for your growing infant.
- They will eat different amounts on different days. This depends on your toddlers’ day’s activity, or they are tired or unwell.
- Eggs provide good source of protein, energy. It’s fine to give your toddler an egg as eggs are an excellent food to them.

You should also take note that you need to avoid feeding your baby the following foods.
- Honey is suitable only after 1 year old.
- Cow’s milk also need to be avoided until 1 year old.
- Eggs are good source of protein but it’s better to feed until 2 years of age.
- Foods with added salt, sugar or spices are not good for your baby’s health.
- Peanuts, fish and shellfish should wait till your baby is 3 years of age.
- Canned foods might contain too much nitrate that may harm your baby.

Do remember that toddler may not be able to cope with a lot of fiber and a lot of fruit juice or high fiber food may cause them tummy pain and diarrhea.

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3 Responses to “When To Feed My Baby Solid Foods?”

  1. iceah says:

    hi baby moon c: yum,yum i love cerelac c: :9

  2. Babynme says:

    So true. We wanted to feed Ryan solids when he was 5 months old but both paeds that we knew advised us to wait till 6 months to ensure that he doesn’t develop any food allegy. It is advisable to start them on plant base protein. We started Ryan on rice cereal just 2 days ago. It was another milestone achieved!

  3. babymoon says:

    Hi Iceah,
    Now my Baby Moon loves rice and snack foods especially ice cream. We let her try all kind of foods and at the same time educate her about the food choices. :)

    Hi Daddy Ryan,
    So, your baby Ryan grows very fast! Sometimes I just stare at my Baby Moon and wonder how I gave birth to a such adorable girl! And she is now a girl that very sticky to mommy! Hahaa.. :)
    Happy feeding to Ryan!

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