Who is the coolest and cutest baby on the planet?

I believe in every parent’s eyes, the own kid is the coolest and cutest baby on the planet. Even he/she doesn’t really look handsome or pretty at the young ages, they are really cool and cute especially in parent’s heart.

I’ve named my girl’s site Coolest Baby Moon because she didn’t like to smile or laugh especially when she was a newborn and we hardly capture her smiles using camera. When she grows elder, she smiles and laugh a lot but still not well trained how to smiles in front of camera. :)

Now, I’m expecting my No.2 and still early to find out is a he or a she. Either boy or girl is not so important, the most important is a he/she is a healthy baby.  :)

So, the question is, if I were to have another website/blog for my second little one, what should I name the site? Cutest Baby Moon? I’m not dare to name it using “cutest” because in my eyes, the kids are cute when they are well behave, make fun and joy with you. However, when they make noise without reasons, naughty and stubborn, they are “devil”! Totally not cute at all! This is my own parenting experience. Haha..

Another reason of not considering Cutest Baby Moon is because my new friend, Andy Hun is named his daughter “Coolest baby on the planet”  and his son “Cutest baby on the planet”. So, if I were to use the cutest for my little one, I become a copycat! Hehe.. Oh, let me clarify, coolest baby moon is not copy from him, I just know him personally today and know about his “coolest and cutest baby on the planet”. :)

You may visit his coolest baby – Amelia Hun, his cutest baby – Ethan Hun

Also, Andy shares with me that his two websites rank #1 for keywords “coolest baby on the planet” and “cutest baby on the planet”. That’s really cool! :)

But my site also not bad, my site ranks #1 for “coolest baby in Singapore”, “coolest baby in Malaysia” “Singapore coolest baby” and “Malaysia coolest baby”. Ok ok, stop for the show off.. Haha..

Baby will become toddler and then kid and teenager. So, I have registered a domain name under my girl’s name so that very soon her schoolmates and friends are able to visit her site, I mean this site using her real name. :) I’m planning to let her handle her own site in future.

So, how you think? Who is the coolest and cutest baby on the planet? My Baby Moon? Andy’s Amelia and Ethan? I believe in your heart, your kids are the coolest and cutest baby on the planet! Haha.. :)

4 Responses to “Who is the coolest and cutest baby on the planet?”

  1. Andy says:

    Haha Moon! Thanks for the mention of my babies in your beautiful site!

  2. babymoon says:

    Of course is a must! Haha.. Just wonder how our kids feel when they know about the “coolest” and “cutest”! Haha.. :)

  3. sweein eujane says:

    recently my 19 mths gal was cooooooool till dare to not listen our call from oversea coz we have 1 mth time dint go bck home town to visit her. :(

  4. babymoon says:


    It is normal for us as my gal doesn’t like to listen to our call when we call back home. But since we can see her everyday we don’t really care. hehe..

    But your case, will feel sad right? go back often lo.. what to do? :)

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