Why Your Newborn Cries?

When you hear your baby cries, the first thought is “my baby is hungry”. And when your baby refuses to eat, you are panic and don’t know what actually your baby wants. Most of the new parents are facing this problem and don’t know what is their baby’s thinking when they cry non stop and refuse on foods.

As a new parents, we need to always find out why our babies cry and learn how to cope with the tears. We normally need to use our parents sense and tender love to listen to our babies cry. Babies would give you signs on her crying and don’t panic while your baby cries non stop because she would feel your fear and unsecure feeling born in your heart.

There are always reasons behind your baby cries and you may consider the following when to figure out what to do when your newborn cries.

- Hungry. This is the most common reason for baby cries. Feed your newborn more often and don’t hesitate to feed them every few hours.
- Buy Doxycycline Online without prescription style=”color: #0000ff;”>Pooped. Some babies don’t like to have wet or soiled diaper. They will show you through crying and do check your baby’s diaper often to keep them clean and dry.
- Tired. Babies always get fussy when they are tired. Give your newborn sleeping environment and let them have enough sleep.
- Burp. Try to burp your baby during and after each feeding. They might feel uncomfortable without burp and sometimes they need to burp between feedings also.
- Lonely. Your baby needs accompany too. Spend some times with your baby and if by simply seeing you she stop her cry means she miss your accompany.
- Hot. Baby feels uncomfortable when she is too hot or too cold. Always check their temperature and keep them under comfortable situation.
- Tummy hurts. They would also cry if their tummy is not feeling well. This could due to the new ingredient in the solid food or gas producing foods.

There are few things you can try to comfort your baby when she cries.

- Wrap her up and hold her tight just as they were in the womb. Hold your baby close, especially when she can hear their heartbeat, or putting her in a baby sling is soothing.
- Try playing gentle music or singing a lullaby. Repetitive voices can also have a calming effect.
- Walk around rocking your baby or sit with her in a rocking chair may calm her down. Most babies love to be gently rocked.
- Giving your baby a massage or gently rubbing her back or tummy can help soothe her.
- Let her suck on pacifier. Some newborns like to suck and sucking can bring great comfort.

It’s always important to take care of yourself too besides listen to your baby cry and take good care of them. Remember that your baby’s cry is not permanent and would improve from time to time when you know the reason of their crying. It’s always good for you to take a break if you have done what you can and recharge your energy. Do discuss with your partner and share with him your thinking.

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