You Give Your Child Early Reading?

There are many benefits to give your child early reading. They might not understand what you have read to them but they will know that you are sharing with them the fun of reading and sooner they will enjoy reading too.

The Benefits of Early Reading
- Baby’s brains develop faster compare to other babies.
- The ability of the brain to change or modify based on its environment tends to be better for baby’s whom are early readers.
- According to a US National Panel of Reading Specialists and Early Childhood Educators, reading earlier may eliminate most reading problems.
- They are more likely to stay in school than poor readers.
- They also prefer to read more than children who are taught at age five or later.
- There is a study from a Yale University that “that activating children’s neural circuitry for reading early on is key”.
- Their brain is also likely to develop more efficiently for reading compare to others.
- This increases their ability for language learning too.
- Some languages such as second languages, sign language or spoken language are easier to learn in early childhood compare to later childhood.
- Reading is the most important skill a child learns.
- Reading helps children to succeed in school and in life.
- It opens the door for many other opportunities for learning.
- Early readers also have higher self-esteem.
- It’s easier for your child to develop speech.
- Can learn new things faster.
- It’s a bonding time for you and your child too.
- Helps to enhance your child’s social skills.
- Reading can improve the hand-eye coordination.
- It can enrich your child’s life and open up new worlds.
- Reading helps to calm your child too.
- It builds listening skills and imagination.
- Teach your child about relationships, situation, personalities and how to differentiate good and bad.
- It promotes increased communication between you and your child.
- Your child to be able to concentrate more compare to others.

Matthews Effect - The rich learners get richer and the poor learners get poorer. Let your child start to read in their early childhood and let reading become part of their life too.

Read to your toddlers
- Allow your child to touch books, point to words and pictures and turn the pages.
- Read children’s favourites as often as they want to hear them.
- Set aside special times each day to read to your child.
- Begin reading to your baby when he is born. You may start by sing songs, tell nursery rhymes and then read to him.
- Make sure you select a place that is quiet and away from distractions and let your child feel comfortable about books and reading.
- Model all kinds of reading with your children and comment on what you are reading so that they see that reading has many purposes.
- Bring your child to local library and make it a regular trip.

I was looking around for the “Wink and Grow Rich” when it disappeared from my table. Just so surprised to see my Baby Moon was holding the book and I quickly recorded her reading. But a bit late, because she almost finished reading. =)

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