You Have Good Newborn Gift Ideas?

Sometimes we are headache about the newborn gift when our friend or relative is having a baby. We don’t know what to get for the newborn and don’t know the gift we chosen is a good or bad gifts for them.

Two years ago when we welcomed our Baby Moon into the world, we received quite a variety of gifts and most of them are useful because before they bought the gift they tried to ask for our opinions to avoid the duplicate items. The gifts we received included the bed rails, baby stroller, newborn cloths and hampers which included lots of baby accessories that we found it useful.

The baby stroller is the newborn gift of Baby Moon

Other than the normal newborn gifts ideas, I also found some special gifts ideas to share with you all and if you are my friends who are a mother-to-be or father-to-be, please let me know what is the gift you like and I’ll get you one! =)

Some Baby Gifts Ideas:

  • Baby Slings
  • Baby Memory Books
  • Baby Scrapbooks
  • Newborn Baby Bath Gifts Sets Skin Care Products
  • Baby Pillows and Pillow Cases
  • Cute Pacifier
  • Baby Swimsuits
  • Baby Songs and Music CDs for the nursery
  • Baby Sun Protection Products
  • Baby Girl Hair Bows
  • Baby Carriers
  • Play Yards
  • Cute Kids Rugs
  • Baby Nursery Decorative Switch Plates
  • Fancy Baby Car Seat Cover
  • Nursery Night Lights
  • Baby Carriers
  • Baby Bracelets
  • Baby Crib Quilts
  • Baby Jewelry
  • Cool Designer Diaper Bags
  • Baby Blanket Gift Ideas
  • Pictures, Posters and Art Prints


5 Responses to “You Have Good Newborn Gift Ideas?”

  1. I would consider more decorating ideas. As a parent, I now realize how much time I spend IN my child’s room as well as how much time my daughter does too. I would want to make sure the room and fun and inviting. If parents can decide on a theme, finding decorating ideas becomes easy to search for unique products.

  2. babymoon says:

    Yeah! You are right! I would like to have my child’s own room too if I could. But due to some reasons my Baby Moon doesn’t have her own room full with her favourite toys and decorating. But I’m sure she would get her own room in very near future and will definitely let her deciding on her own ideas. =)

    * Your website is very special and full of fun ideas. I like your website. =)

  3. Thanks! Do you have any recommendations for Cute Kids Rugs (I noticed that on your list), particularly for Jungle Theme?

  4. iceah says:

    very sweet and lovely suggestions c: before my son was born we haven’t much of a gift from other people i was after he was born hope my second baby would have that privilege c:

  5. iceah says:

    wow, i just read this special offer of yours on “how to draw” for kids this my son would really love I’ll surely make a post of your blog plus the books and all you sell here c: i would definitely recommend these things for kids am a Sunday school teacher and i plan to teach for pre-schools or college maybe but i do like teaching kids specially my little boy as mothers are really the first teacher right c:

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