Your Baby’s Skin Care Tips

Your baby skin care is so important and your main task is to keep your baby warm and nourished. And your newborn skin is as delicate as their immune system. Some baby products, chemicals, detergents and fragrances could cause your baby’s skin irritation and rashes. Pediatricians actually advise that bathing newborn too often and expose them too much to chemicals and other potential allergens can set the stage for skin allergies in your baby’s later life.

Since your baby’s immune system is still developing, don’t use those baby products in the early months. Do wash your baby’s clothes, blankets and bedding separately from the family’s laundry and use only baby laundry detergents that are fragrance-free and dye-free. Try not to bath your baby too frequent because this will remove the natural oils that protect baby’s skin. Newborn won’t get dirty unless for drool and diaper changes. Therefore for the first month, a sponge bath two or three times a week will keep your baby safely clean.

Eczema is skin problem that appears as a red, itchy rash mostly on face and scalp, at the elbows, and behind the knees. You could prevent your baby from eczema with bath your newborn only once a week to allow her skin to retain natural oils. You should also limit your the use of baby skin products and make sure she wears only soft clothing. Diaper rash on the other hand is caused by the irritating wetness of a soiled diaper. The causes of rash might also due to the baby’s skin not properly dried after a bath.

amoxil #0000ff;”>You could try to prevent newborn skin problem with the following tips:
- Check diapers frequently
- When the diapers wet or soiled, get it change immediately
- Wash the diaper area with plain water or mild fragrance-free cleanser.
- use a soft clean cloth for cleaning the diaper area.
- Don’t use the baby wipes as the perfume or alcohol in many baby wipes can further irritate and dry baby’s skin.
- Don’t rub your baby’s skin, just gently pat your baby dry and let the diaper area air dry fully before putting on a fresh diaper.
- If the rash doesn’t clear up in two to three days, see your family doctor or pediatrician.
- A prescription treatment is needed if the rash is caused by eczema, a bacterial or yeast infection.

It’s also important for you to get some good skin care products for your newborn. Your newborn needs fragrance-free and dye-free baby skin care products.
- Before buy the products, always read the labels carefully
- Natural baby skin care products are safe for most infants
- The label “hypoallergenic” can be misleading
- Look for products that are phthalate-free and parabens-free

You can consider to get the following newborn baby skin care products for your baby.
- Baby oil is an alternative to lotion to moisturize skin.
- Mild baby lotion is good to use after baths to keep your baby’s skin moisturized.
- Baby powders with cornstarch are recommended for use after diaper changes.
- It’s a good idea to have a diaper rash prevention creams. However, the best way to prevent diaper rash is frequently change your baby’s diaper.
- If your baby has diaper rash, you need to apply some diaper rash treatment creams at the diaper area.
- Only get the laundry detergents that are not too harsh for a newborn’s skin. Choose wisely to avoid your baby’s to have skin care problem.

Common baby skin care problems like infant acne, cradle cap, heat rash and eczema can be avoided if we adopt the right baby skin care and it can help keep our babies happy, healthy and comfortable.

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